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China advances into relay semis at ISU Short Track World Cup******

BUDAPEST, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- China's women's 3,000m and men's 5,000m relay teams advanced into the semifinals, at the 2021-22 season ISU World Cup Short Track Speed Skating series in Debrecen, Hungary, on Friday.。

In the women's relay 3,000m race, China, consisting of Fan Kexin, Qu Chunyu, Zhang Chutong and Zhang Yuting, won the heat with a time of 4:08:160, ahead of Italy, Kazahstan and Ukraine.。

In the semifinals, they will compete against skaters from the Netherlands, France and Italy.。

In the men's relay 5,000m race, China, consisting of An Kai, Sun Long, Yu Songnan and Zhang Tianyi, finished fastest in their heat with a time of 6:46:593, beating Japan, Belgium, Austria and Ukraine.。

In the semifinals, they will compete against skaters from Japan, South Korea and Canada.。

In the day's third event, the men's 1,000m race, three Chinese skaters advanced to the quarterfinals -- Ren Ziwei, Wu Dajing and An Kai.。

The event, which also serves as a qualifying tournament for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games, continues Saturday with the first finals. Enditem。

Biden celebrates rare win with infrastructure bill signing******


US President Joe Biden (center), flanked by Vice President Kamala Harris, takes part in a signing ceremony for H.R. 3684, the "Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act" on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, on November 15.。

Battered by critics and dire opinion polls, President Joe Biden signed into law the biggest US infrastructure revamp in more than half a century at a rare bipartisan celebration in the White House on Monday.。

The US$1.2 trillion package will fix bridges and roads, change out unhealthy lead water pipes, build an electric vehicle charging network, and expand broadband Internet. It is the most significant government investment of the kind since the creation of the national highways network in the 1950s.。

"We've heard countless speeches... but today we're finally getting this done," Biden told hundreds of invitees on the White House South Lawn.。

"So my message to the American people is this: America is moving again and your life is going to change for the better."

Most of the crowd were Democrats but there was also a visible handful of Republicans. Notable among the Democrats were senators Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, two moderates who have warred with more left-wing members of the party, slowing down Biden's agenda.。

The bill is "proof that Democrats and Republicans can come together to deliver results," Biden said. "Let's believe in one another and let's believe in America."

Infrastructure spending is popular, but the goal eluded Biden's predecessor Donald Trump for four years, turning his administration's frequent promises of an imminent "infrastructure week" into a running joke.。

Even now, Biden had to fight for months to get his squabbling Democratic Party to vote, risking a humiliating failure.。

Democrats only narrowly control a bitterly divided Congress, but in a scarce moment of cooperation they were ultimately joined by a significant number of Republicans in the Senate and a symbolic handful in the House.。

"We agreed this would be a truly bipartisan process," Senator Rob Portman, a Republican from Ohio, told the White House gathering. "This should be the beginning of a renewed effort to work together on big issues facing our country."

Brutal poll numbers。

The feel-good moment may be hard to sustain.。

Biden's ratings are in a downward spiral, with the latest Washington Post-ABC poll showing just 41 percent approving. Most worrying for the White House, support is ebbing away not just among the crucial independent voters but his own Democratic base.。

And despite the reaching out by some Republicans, the bulk of the opposition party is in little mood to declare a truce.。

Trump, who is widely expected to seek to return to the White House in the 2024 election, has savaged the 13 Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted alongside the Democrats.。

He says Republicans who crossed the aisle should be "ashamed" and are not real Republicans.。

Hard-right Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, an especially vocal Trump booster, called them "traitors." She tweeted out office phone numbers of the 13 fellow Republicans, some of whom reported getting torrents of violent abuse.。

The pressure is also on in the Senate, where Republican leader Mitch McConnell, who voted for the bill, was among the prominent figures keeping away from the South Lawn celebration.。

Portman, meanwhile, was freer to make generous comments toward Biden because he has already announced he is not seeking reelection.。

With Republicans almost certain to make gains in midterm congressional elections in just under a year, Biden's already tenuous grip on Washington faces growing strains.。

But the White House hopes the bill signing will give Biden new momentum.。

Still pending is a US$1.75 trillion package for childcare, education and other social spending that Biden says amounts to a historic effort to redress social inequalities.。

Again, internal party divisions are holding that up and the proposal has zero Republican support. However, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the White House gathering that "hopefully this week we will be passing" the bill.。

After a first 10 months in power dominated by COVID-19 and congressional wrangling, Biden is "frustrated by the negativity and the infighting," his press secretary, Jen Psaki, told reporters.。

However, Biden's infrastructure sales pitch will aim to change the tune.。

Biden will travel on Tuesday to New Hampshire to visit a bridge set for infrastructure funding and Detroit on Wednesday to meet union workers. Psaki said "the president wants to spend some sustained time out there communicating."

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新款MacBook Pro或搭载M1Z芯片 刘海屏设计遭网友吐槽******新款MacBook Pro将在10月19日凌晨正式发布,近两天又不少传闻称,新款MacBook Pro将采用刘海屏设计,可能会支持Face ID。不过有很多网友会担心影响显示效果纷纷吐槽。另外苹果新一代自研芯片可能会叫M1X或者M1Z。

苹果在上周发布了今年秋季第二场发布会的预热海报,大家期待已久的新款MacBook Pro将正式发布,将搭载苹果新一代自研芯片。

据悉新款MacBook Pro的屏幕也会有很大变化,提供14英寸和16英寸两种尺寸,分辨率分别为3024x1964、3456x2234;同时还首次搭载mini LED屏幕,带来更加出色的显示效果。另外,近两天有很多传闻称,新款MacBook Pro也将会采用刘海屏设计,所以可能会支持Face ID面部识别。不过有很多用户会担心这样的设计会影响显示效果,所以纷纷吐槽。

苹果新一代自研芯片可能被命名为M1X或者M1Z,另外“M1 Pro”和“M1 Max”这样的名称之前也出现在开发者日志中。


新款MacBook Pro在其他细节设计方面也有许多新变化,苹果MagSafe磁吸式充电可能会回归,带来更快的充电速度。另外还有可能加入SD卡槽和HDMI接口。近些年争议较大的Touch Bar触控条可能会被取消。


Hulk wins Brazilian Serie A Golden Ball award******

RIO DE JANEIRO, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- Atletico Mineiro forward Hulk has won the Golden Ball award for the best player in Brazil's Serie A this year.。

The 35-year-old was a key member of an Atletico outfit that clinched the club's first Brazilian top-flight title in 50 years and reached the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores, South America's top club competition.。

On an individual level, he scored a competition-high 19 goals in the Serie A as well as providing seven assists.。

"Being Brazilian [Serie A] champion, top scorer, Silver Ball recipient (as one of the best forwards) and Golden Ball winner is very gratifying," Hulk said after receiving his trophy in a televised ceremony on Friday.。

"I've enjoyed having my feet on the ground and the constant quest to improve every day. Thank you to everyone who voted for me."

The runner-up was Hulk's Atletico teammate, defender Guilherme Aranha, while Bragantino winger Artur was third and Flamengo forward Bruno Henrique fourth.。

Meanwhile, Atletico had seven of the 11 players named in the Brazilian Serie A team of the year. They were goalkeeper Everson, defender Junior Alonso, full-backs Mariano and Guilherme Arana, midfielders Jair and Nacho Fernandez and Hulk.。

Previous winners of the Golden Ball award, decided by a vote conducted by Brazil's football journalists, include Falcao, Zico, Romario, Ronaldinho and Gabriel Jesus. Enditem。

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