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Raising tensions is contrary to IOC mission, says Bach******

The Olympic flame for the 2022 Winter Games on display at Beijing's Olympic Tower. (Xinhua/Wang Yong)。

BERLIN, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach said on Wednesday that the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics should not be used to raise global tensions and the athletes' participation is worldwide consensus.。

Bach expressed concerns about the athlete's participation after the United States announced not to send government officials to attend Beijing 2022 under the pretext of human rights. He welcomed all the support for the Olympic teams to give athletes certainty at the digital press conference after the IOC Executive Board meeting on Wednesday.。

"This is in full accordance with the approval by consensus of all the UN member states supporting the Olympic Truce Resolution," said the 67-year-old president. "The presence of government officials is a political decision. Political neutrality applies and IOC won't take a side."

According to Bach, IOC organizes the Games to unite the world, not to divide it. He took the Olympic Games in ancient time as an example to prove that political intervention would only destroy and bring the Games to an end.。

"We are living in this confrontational, divisive world where the tensions are rising high. If the games would even contribute to the tensions, it would be absolutely contrary to our mission," said Bach.。

Bach believed the IOC's mission and responsibility is to ensure everything related to the Olympic Games and the Olympic Charter and there is no doubt that the Chinese partners would deliver the commitments like what they have achieved in the testing events.。

"The host contract is fully respected. It includes the respect for human rights of all the participants and a number of other issues. And on this, we are working closely with the organizing committee," said Bach. Enditem。


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(CIIE) China Focus: Highlights of 4th China International Import Expo******

SHANGHAI, Nov. 4 (Xinhua) -- The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) is scheduled for Shanghai from Nov. 5 to 10. Here are some of the highlights we can expect from this year's expo:。

-- With an exhibition area of more than 366,000 square meters, this year's CIIE draws nearly 3,000 businesses from 127 countries and regions, both higher than its last edition.。

The number of exhibitors from the United States, Japan, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, and their exhibition areas, have increased or remained the same overall compared with the previous three expos.。

Participation from Fortune 500 companies and corporate giants will exceed that of the previous edition.。

Ninety enterprises from 33 least developed countries will participate in the expo.。

Online country exhibitions will showcase the Republic of Congo, Kiribati, Mauritius, Solomon Islands, and Palestine. These countries are participating in the CIIE for the first time due to the impact of COVID-19.。

-- The World Openness Report 2021 and the Index on Openness for 129 economies since 2008 will be published at a forum during the CIIE this year.。

"The index depicts and analyzes the evolution of the world's overall and China's opening-up policies, summarizes proven openness experiences, and marks future directions and specific openness policy options," said Zhang Yuyan, head of the Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, one of the index compilers.。

"The index is of reference value to the openness practices of most economies," he added.。

A high-level forum themed on the 20th anniversary of China's accession to the WTO will be also held during the expo.。

-- New products will be launched at the expo. Nine global debuts will feature in the Intelligent Industry & Information Technology section.。

New technologies and products to be launched at the Medical Equipment & Healthcare Products section far exceed the numbers in previous editions.。

Green and low-carbon technologies and solutions, such as hydrogen fuel cell automobiles, will also be highlighted at the expo.。

-- A special area for artifacts and artworks. Thanks to preferential customs and tax policies for the exhibitors' sales of artworks collectibles and antiques, the CIIE set up a special area for artifacts and artworks for the first time this year.。

So far, 20 overseas institutions from 11 countries and regions, including the United Kingdom and Spain, have confirmed their participation in the exhibition. They declared 178 pieces of artifacts and artworks in total, with a total declared value of 2.35 billion yuan (around 386 million U.S. dollars).。

-- Digital Renminbi (RMB) experience. Digital RMB will be accepted for payments at the exhibition. Foreign visitors can also exchange their local currencies to digital RMB through the Bank of China.。

-- Strict COVID-19 prevention and control measures. The CIIE will strictly implement epidemic prevention and control requirements, said Wu Jinglei, head of the Shanghai municipal health commission.。

The expo has designated 34 hospitals for medical services during the expo. Around-the-clock nucleic acid testing services have been provided to citizens in 21 local hospitals since Oct. 28. Enditem。


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