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China to hold 5th textile cultural heritage conference in Nov.******

GUIYANG, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- The 5th China Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage Conference is scheduled to kick off on Nov. 11 in Guiyang, capital of southwest China's Guizhou Province, local authorities said on Thursday.

Themed "Develop the Miao embroidery industry, support the rural revitalization," the event will include industrial research activities, field surveys for designers, symposiums, project negotiation, clothing presentations and the like.

Over 200 experts, scholars and entrepreneurs in the field of textile intangible heritage will be invited to the conference.

Miao embroidery has a history dating back more than 2,000 years and was listed by the Chinese government in 2006 as a national Intangible Cultural Heritage.

First held in 2017, the conference has become one of the textile industry's highest-level platforms for development and exchange on the country's textile intangible cultural heritage. Enditem

Market exchange rates in China******

BEIJING, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- The following are the central parity rates of the Chinese currency renminbi, or the yuan, against 24 major currencies announced Wednesday by the China Foreign Exchange Trade System:

Currency Unit Central parity rate in yuan

U.S. dollar 100 638.56

Euro 100 740.45

Japanese yen 100 5.5912

Hong Kong dollar 100 82.109

British pound 100 879.03

Australian dollar 100 479.60

New Zealand dollar 100 457.46

Singapore dollar 100 473.88

Swiss franc 100 694.10

Canadian dollar 100 515.32

Malaysian ringgit 64.947 100

Ruble 1,088.00 100

Rand 232.49 100

Korean won 18,293 100

UAE dirham 57.524 100

Saudi riyal 58.745 100

Hungarian forint 4,928.99 100

Polish zloty 62.234 100

Danish krone 100.46 100

Swedish krona 134.89 100

Norwegian krone 130.99 100

Turkish lira 149.392 100

Mexican peso 316.37 100

Thai baht 519.98 100

The central parity rate of the yuan against the U.S. dollar is based on a weighted average of prices offered by market makers before the opening of the interbank market each business day.

The central parity rate of the yuan against the Hong Kong dollar is based on the central parity rate of the yuan against the U.S. dollar and the exchange rate of the Hong Kong dollar against the U.S. dollar at 9 a.m. in international foreign exchange markets on the same business day.

The central parity rates of the yuan against the other 22 currencies are based on the average prices offered by market makers before the opening of the interbank foreign exchange market. Enditem

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Tibetan teacher takes gratitude to new heights******

Migmar Tsering, the head of the village kindergarten in Tsogo, Nakarze county, Tibet autonomous region, inspects the teeth of student Jamyang Dundrub on Tuesday. [Photo/China Daily]。


Summer arrives late and leaves early in Phumachangthang, China's highest town, at an altitude of 5,373 meters in the Tibet autonomous region-200 meters higher than the base camp for Qomolangma, or Mount Everest.。

At around 10 am, parents and children in thick Tibetan winter robes approach the gate of the village of Tsogo's kindergarten. It's windy and, at -5 C, bitingly cold. The children are quickly led by their teachers into warm classrooms.。

Migmar Tsering, in his 20s, is the principal of the kindergarten, which has 13 pupils. A language and art teacher, he was transferred to the kindergarten in October 2020 for a two-year stint.。

Born into a farming family in Tibet's Chushul county, Migmar Tsering completed his middle school education in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, in the 2000s. The school he attended was designated to provide education opportunities for impoverished Tibetan students. There were no tuition or accommodation fees, but two women paid Migmar Tsering's living expenses for the two years he studied in Shaoxing.。

His kindergarten is a mix of modern and rustic. "The classrooms, offices and kids' dorms have air conditioners and heaters, but the teachers have to burn yak dung for cooking and heating," Migmar Tsering said, adding that kids warm up every morning with sports such as boxing, cycling and dancing.。

"People told me that I would feel dizzy working at such a high altitude, and I worried at first. But I can stand the altitude; I am still young and strong," he said, but added that working in such a harsh environment is not easy. Sometimes he feels dizzy when doing heavy work.。

For Migmar Tsering, working as a teacher is an honor and an ideal job. "I received financial help for my schooling years ago, and now it's time for me to repay society," he said.。

In recent years, he has been thinking about the two women who financially supported his education. On Sept 27, he had a chance to share his story with people from a charity who visited the area to donate sporting goods and educational material.。

When he told them of his wish to find the women, a journalist with the group offered to help. Within a week of the release of a video about the principal's story on Chinese social media, he found his benefactors.。

One of his former middle school teachers saw the video and provided the contact numbers of the women, who Migmar Tsering spoke with on Monday. He invited the women to visit Tibet and they reciprocated with an invitation to visit them in Zhejiang.。

"I am happy that one of my former teachers from Zhejiang helped find my two helpers," he said. "We had a long talk on the phone, and I promised I would send them some local specialties and gifts to express my thanks. ... I want to be a kind and thankful person-a helpful person."

Randy Wright contributed to this story.。

西安抽检元宵汤圆71批次 一批次元宵不合格被停售******



  本次专项抽检以餐饮店、超市、小食杂店等经营单位为重点,基本覆盖全市大部分区县,专项抽检项目为过氧化值、糖精钠。抽检依据GB19295-2011《食品安全国家标准速冻面米制品》、GB 2760-2014《食品安全国家标准食品添加剂使用标准》及产品明示标准进行。抽检的1批次不合格食品为西安曲江新区红勋腊汁肉店(地址:西安市莲湖区自强西路)加工、销售的花生味元宵,不合格项目为过氧化值超标。不合格批次的元宵已停止销售,并按规定进行核查处置。



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