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(CIIE) Feature: World******

SHANGHAI, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- A newly-opened cultural relics and art section at the fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) has provided Chinese collectors an opportunity to relish globally-renowned masterpieces, with works of legendary artists such as Claude Monet, Zhang Daqian and Yayoi Kusama exhibited there.。

The special section has attracted 20 overseas agencies from 11 countries and regions, including world-renowned auction houses such as Sotheby's and Christie's.。

Rebecca Yang, Chairman of Christie's China, said that of the eight masterpieces they selected for the fourth CIIE, five can be purchased duty-free, which is a favorable policy for both collectors and the auction house.。

Yang added that the CIIE has opened up new ideas for Christie's to explore innovation and development in China.。

During the ongoing expo scheduled from Nov. 5 to 10 in Shanghai, each exhibitor selling artworks, collectibles and antiquities can enjoy the preferential policy of exempted import duty, import value-added tax and consumption tax on no more than five pieces.。

Nathan Drahi, managing director of Sotheby's Asia, said the CIIE has become an important window for multinational enterprises to introduce high-quality products and services to Chinese consumers.。

Jiang Mingwei, general manager of Shanghai Free Trade Zone International Culture Investment and Development Co., Ltd., said the company as a strategic partner of the expo bureau, has provided a one-stop service for the smooth customs clearance of artworks.。

He added that in addition to promoting trade in goods, the expo has also built a platform for people-to-people exchanges.。

In addition to the original artworks, the cultural relics and art section also displays derivatives of well-known overseas IP such as the Louvre and the British Museum.。

"The development of cultural and creative industries and the popularization of museums and galleries have made artworks more acceptable to the public," Sotheby's stated.。

Alfilo Brands, a consumer products company with exclusive rights to many art and cultural properties including the British Museum, has created a series of dazzling cultural and creative products together with the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Shanghai Museum. These products are currently on display at the fourth CIIE.。

Staff at Alfilo's booth said they look forward to bringing diversified experience for Chinese consumers through this open and inclusive global platform.。

Jiang Xuheng, vice general manager of Alifish, Alibaba Group's innovative entertainment arm, said that the realization of the commercial value of IP has gradually achieved sustained growth, attributing this growth to the development of the content industry and the strengthening of intellectual property protection.。

In recent years, cultural and creative products that combine overseas cultural IP with Chinese traditional intangible handicraft culture have become very popular among young consumers, and the charm of cultural exchange has become increasingly prominent, Jiang added. Enditem。

双十一手机产品推荐,OPPO Reno6系列手机******

  双十一买东西就快抵达高潮,在这个时间范围会出现一系列的主题活动,针对许多要想选购手机的朋友们而言,应该是年底最非常值得下手的时间范围,而假如仍在迟疑用什么型号的好朋友,能够看一下OPPO 所发布的OPPO Reno6系列,或许会合乎你的要求。

  OPPO Reno6系列手机上一共有OPPO Reno6.OPPO Reno6 Pro.OPPO Reno6 Pro 三款不一样的型号,在配备上有一定的差别。

  OPPO Reno6型号采用了MTK的天矶900集成ic,适用目前的5G数据信号方式,不论是SA或是NSA互联网都能够开展有效的适用。而在手机屏幕层面则是采用了一块6.43英尺的直屏,适用90Hz刷新频率和180Hz触控采样率。在采用了直屏以外,OPPO Reno6还进一步采用了斜角外框的造型设计,薄厚为7.59mm,十分轻巧。这一个轻巧的整体机身针对许多喜爱直边设计方案的业主而言,是一个很好的挑选 。

  而在监控摄像头层面,OPPO Reno6系列在前摄像头均采用了3200W像素的监控摄像头,在自拍照等情景下都具备非常好的应用感受。而在后摄一部分,OPPO Reno6采用了6400W像素主摄 800W像素超广角镜头 200W像素微距镜头的三摄组成。

  而针对喜爱曲屏的客户,OPPO Reno6系列的OPPO Reno6 Pro和OPPO Reno6 Pro 则是更适合的挑选 。OPPO Reno6 Pro与OPPO Reno6 Pro 均采用了6.55英尺的曲屏,刷新频率为90Hz。

  除开显示屏角度的差异外,OPPO Reno6 Pro和OPPO Reno6 Pro 的设备相较为于OPPO Reno6有一定的提高,OPPO Reno6 Pro采用了MTK的天矶1200集成ic,OPPO Reno6 Pro 采用了骁龙处理器870集成ic,OPPO Reno6 Pro和OPPO Reno6 Pro 因为换用了特性更强的集成ic,因此应对一系列的大型网络游戏是不可能组成短板的。在OPPO Reno6系列型号全系列采用震动马达的根基上,OPPO Reno6 Pro和OPPO Reno6 Pro 更采用了X轴震动马达,产生了更佳的振动意见反馈。

  在监控摄像头层面,OPPO Reno6 Pro配备了6400W像素主摄 800W像素超广角镜头 200W像素微距镜头 200W像素画像设计风格的四摄组成,应对绝大多数成情景的制作全是没什么工作压力的。OPPO Reno6 Pro 则是拥有更进一步的升級,做为Reno6 系列产品的超级大杯版本号,OPPO Reno6 Pro 采用了IMX 766这一颗鞋底感应器做为主摄,在拍攝上面有更快的主要表现,而且其适用2X2 OCL调焦技术性,因此在拍攝视频时也可以有更强的跟踪实际效果。除开IMX 766这一颗鞋底主摄外,OPPO Reno6 Pro 还配备了1600W像素的超广角 1300W像素的长焦 200W像素的微距,有着更为优异的拍攝实际效果。

  尽管在配备上有一定的差别,可是在主推的人像视频层面,OPPO Reno6 系列产品均拥有很好的应用感受。

  OPPO Reno6系列对人像视频开展了多方位的升級。产生了全新升级的AI焕采美妆护肤.焕采光点人像.AI焕采美肤2.0等一系列作用,这种作用不只是在拍攝静态数据人像照片时可以用,在拍攝视频时,OPPO Reno6系列也可以完成视频下的即时提升。

  OPPO Reno6系列邀约了全世界淡妆高手Bobbi Brown打造出订制妆面,产生了夏日晴海妆. 裸感妆. 猫眼妆. 星黛妆. 猫眼妆总共五款特有的专享妆面。与此同时,完成了妆面的“智能化”转移,并依靠强劲的最底层AI优化算法,在业内初次完成了视频“化妆”作用。

  除开视频化妆外,OPPO Reno6系列手机上配备了焕采光点人像作用,还可以为客户产生如同大面积感的最新感受。OPPO Reno6系列手机上根据引进三重AI实体模型开展后处理工艺,将人像和环境开展有效的分离出来,将后台的灯源开展当然的模糊化,最后为客户展现出具备与众不同韵味的焕采光点人像实际效果。

  在视频人像层面具有优异主要表现的朋友,OPPO Reno6 系列产品游戏中层面也开展了一系列的提升,比如OPPO Reno6系列所配备的雷电运行作用。OPPO Reno6系列的雷电运行作用,能让客户在开始游戏全过程中做到过好的感受。在过去从点开游戏图标逐渐到彻底表明登录界面,通常必须长达几十秒的時间,由于期内会出现一些游戏场景和载入全过程这些。而在应用了雷电运行作用后,针对常玩的游戏鉴别出之后,会开展亮灭手机屏保活解决,客户下一次打开就可雷电进到。在雷电运行作用开启后,开始游戏时要跳转手机游戏开始动漫,直通游戏首页,均值可节约15秒時间,为客户提供更杰出的游戏感受。

  能够见到,OPPO Reno6系列在游戏感受和影象感受上都是十分非常好的主要表现。在选购提议上,强烈推荐爱好面对屏且对大中型娱乐游戏要求较少的客户考虑到OPPO Reno6,针对隔三差五玩一些大型网络游戏的小伙伴则比较强烈推荐OPPO Reno6 Pro,而针对游戏中特性和影象特性规定较高的朋友们强烈推荐OPPO Reno6 Pro 。

  OPPO Reno6系列商品在双十一时间范围有一系列的特惠,有兴趣的小伙伴能够前去各网络平台或是OPPO官方网站开展下手。

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Augsburg upset Bayern 2******

BERLIN, Nov. 19 (Xinhua) -- First-half goals from Mads Pedersen and Andre Hahn secured Augsburg a surprising 2-1 win over frontrunners Bayern Munich at the curtain raiser of the 12th round in Bundesliga on Friday.。

Bayern had a bright start into the clash and could break the deadlock with 7 minutes gone, but Omar Richards pulled over the target from inside the box.。

Augsburg responded well to Bayern's early chance and staged a well-positioned bulwark as the game clock ticked.。

The Fuggerstadter then shocked Bayern with the opener out of the blue in the 23rd minute when Andi Zeqiri's good build-up work and cross into the box allowed Pedersen to hammer home the lead into the top right corner.。

Bayern lacked in accuracy in the final third and invited Augsburg to make it two as Zeqiri dispossessed Marcel Sabitzer before finding Hahn, who nodded home the 2-0 advantage in the 35th minute.。

The German record champions responded with furious attacks and eventually halved the deficit three minutes later after Robert Lewandowski made the most of Thomas Muller's backheel lay-up.。

After the restart, Bayern continued to press forward but lacked once again in accuracy as Lewandowski volleyed a loose ball from close range over the target with five minutes into the second half.。

Augsburg focused fully on its defence and kept all its men behind the ball whereas uninspired Bayern couldn't find a gap in the host's defence.。

Alphonso Davies and Lewandowski came close but couldn't beat Augsburg goalkeeper Rafal Giekiwicz in the closing stages.。

With the result, Bayern Munich suffer its second loss of the season meanwhile Augsburg secure vital points to climb out of the bottom three onto the 15th spot.。

"Congrats to Augsburg and coach Markus Weinzierl. They wrapped a deserved victory today. We didn't create enough chances to reap a point here and we are of course disappointed," Bayern head coach Julian Nagelsmann said.。

"My team performed very well over 90 minutes. We scored twice in the first half to pave the way for the win. Bayern increased the pressure after the restart, but we stood firm and snatched a deserved win," Augsburg head coach Markus Weinzierl said.。

The following fixtures are set for Saturday: runner up Borussia Dortmund host Stuttgart, Armenia Bielefeld see Wolfsburg, Bayer Leverkusen meet Bochum, Borussia Monchengladbach face Greuther Furth, Hoffenheim take on Leipzig and Union Berlin encounter local rivals Hertha Berlin. Enditem。

三星Galaxy Tab A8 2021渲染图曝光******

据外媒91mobiles报道,三星预计很快会发布Galaxy Tab A8 2021新平板电脑,还曝光了渲染图,这将会是Galaxy Tab A7的升级版。

从曝光的图片看,三星Galaxy Tab A8 2021采用直边框设计,后置为单摄。

外媒91mobiles提到,三星Galaxy Tab A8 2021将搭载10.4英寸屏幕,预计支持FHD+分辨率。平板后置为800万像素镜头,配备3.5mm耳机接口,采用USB Type-C接口。平板尺寸为246.7 x 161.8 x 6.9mm (包括后置镜头凸起:8.7mm),配备四扬声器,支持Dolby Atmos。

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