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Guizhou FC's future in doubt after players threaten to sue over unpaid wages******

BEIJING, Nov. 5 (Xinhua) -- The future of China's second-tier Guizhou FC is rumored to be in doubt after senior players threatened to lodge a lawsuit against the club over unpaid salaries.。

A letter signed by 27 Guizhou players emerged on Thursday night claiming that the club owed them as many as 14-and-a-half months' wages on top of sizable bonuses dating back to 2019.。

The players said in the letter that they had been tricked into signing documents at the beginning of this year to prove that they had been paid in full, so as to gain permission from the Chinese Football Association to play in this season's league.。

"We intend to uphold our legitimate rights and interests by resorting to legal means, and look forward to relevant authorities doing us justice," the players said in the letter.。

Guizhou player Zhao Hejing said that the club even could not afford a proper field for its players to train.。

"We had to work out in gyms or on cement road to maintain fitness," he said.。

The players said they will not play for Guizhou FC when the league resumes in a week's time, unless they get paid.。

The Guiyang-based club, which had reportedly dished out 10 million yuan (around 1.56 million U.S. dollars) in cash per game to inspire its players to victory in 2018 when they were struggling in the Chinese Super League (CSL) under Gregorio Manzano, has all but been put out of business, according to Chinese media.。

The club was banned by FIFA at the end of the 2020 season from introducing or registering any players for three years after they refused to pay 3.8 million euros in compensation to Manzano, who was sacked in June 2018 after guiding the club to only one win in 11 games.。

According to analysis from Chinese football journalist Bai Guohua, Guizhou FC will be left to fold with its debt, and a new club will be built, free of debt, to compete in China's four-tier league with the hope of playing in the CSL one day. Enditem。

Across China: African student falls in love with China's tai chi******

SHIJIAZHUANG, Dec. 8 (Xinhua) -- Practising a set of gentle tai chi moves, Khamisi Ally Abdi feels his body warming against the morning chill.。

The 25-year-old African student in Cangzhou Technical College, north China's Hebei Province, has practiced tai chi for two years. He is now a huge fan of the slow-speed martial art.。

Having worshipped kung fu stars such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Donnie Yen as a child, the Tanzanian understood Chinese kung fu to be a fast-paced attack and defense art before he arrived in China.。

"Tai chi is different from the Chinese martial arts that I knew. It is slow. But as I practice it, I have realized that the slow motions are far from being simple," Abdi said.。

The school provides a tai chi course for all foreign students. Abdi has already learned to practice tai chi moves with balance and deep rhythmic breathing, which allows him to feel the charm of the exercise. It brings peace and calmness to his mind, while building and toning his muscles.。

Ma Congying, deputy director of the International Exchange Center of the college, said the college has enrolled more than 300 international students from more than 50 countries since 2016, mainly countries along "the Belt and Road."

In the tai chi course, Abdi met a lot of kung fu lovers from African and Asian countries.。

With rich historical resources of martial arts, Cangzhou was named the "Hometown of Martial Arts" by the sports authorities in 1992.。

"It was my parents' wish for me to study international trade to better prepare me for job opportunities in the booming trade between China and Tanzania. But it is my own dream to chase the Chinese martial arts," said Abdi.。

Practicing tai chi has led him to acquire a comprehensive appreciation of this Chinese culture and ideology. He now prefers people call him by his Chinese name Chen Yanzhi, as the characters of Yanzhi carry the meaning of talented and virtuous.。

"Tai chi movements are tranquil and quiet but full of power. It has inspired my understanding of China, which has the same temperament. My mother has felt the same way after she visited me here," Abdi said.。

He said his Rwandan classmate likes to post videos of them practicing tai chi on social media, and another Cameroonian classmate has learned from tai chi how to improve his boxing skills.。

"When I return home, I will use my Chinese name to teach tai chi in my country, so that more people can benefit from this magical kung fu," said Abdi. Enditem。

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Drainage pipe, ancient road unearthed in Xi'an city******

XI'AN, Nov. 18 (Xinhua) -- Relics of drainage pipe, road and rut remains have been found in the ruins of Haojing, an ancient capital city dating back to the Western Zhou Dynasty (1046-771 B.C.), according to the Shaanxi Academy of Archaeology.。

The drainage pipe was uncovered in the foundation of the No. 14 building on its central-south edge, which was excavated between 2019 and 2020, the institute said on Wednesday.。

Over 3 meters long, the pipe ruins are made of four round earthenware pipes with a diameter of about 25 centimeters, providing physical materials for further studies on the drainage system of the No. 14 building.。

Meanwhile, an ancient road with a rut of about 12 meters long was also discovered in the recent excavation. About 1.4 meters above the existing surface, the road extends about 30 meters from west to east with a width of about 6 meters.。

The vehicle rut is about 12 meters long and 8 centimeters in depth. It is the first time for the archaeologists to find such road and track remains at the site, said the institute.。

The No. 14 foundation site, which covers more than 1,800 square meters, is believed to have been used in the middle to late Western Zhou Dynasty period and is of great importance for further research on the architecture functions, construction techniques and the capital layout of the dynasty.。

Haojing site, where the capital city of the Western Zhou Dynasty was located, was excavated in the current city of Xi'an, the capital of northwest China's Shaanxi Province. The ancient ruins have a total area of around 920 hectares. Enditem。



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4月16日至21日,世界最顶级的赛事之一的FACEIT全球巅峰赛在伦敦举行。 邀请了来自全世界最强的24支队伍参与,代表中国大陆的四支电竞战队4AM 、OMG、17、CL来到伦敦参加比赛,与来自世界各地的其他20支战队比拼“吃鸡”。

经过了三天小组赛,中国战队4AM以总得分89的成绩,排名第六,成为唯一一支直接杀入总决赛的中国战队。 包括其他三支中国战队在内的16支战队则要进入残酷的淘汰赛,其中的八支队伍要被淘汰。



4AM是由电竞明星选手韦神一手创建的,他也是4AM的队长。 对一些国内的电竞爱好者而言,韦神就是神一般的存在。


华闻君是在 位于伦敦中国城的网鱼网咖采访的韦神, 网鱼网咖伦敦店是本次中国军团四支战队的伦敦官方训练室。

华闻君一走进这间网咖, 就感受到一种备战的紧张感。







由于《绝地求生》的游戏设定,该局里获得胜利的玩家,其获胜的庆祝画面会显示“winner winner,chicken dinner”这句话,翻译成中文就是“大吉大利,今晚吃鸡”。 因此,获得胜利就等于是成功“吃鸡”,“吃鸡”这个梗就是这么来的。



华闻TV: 对目前的比赛成绩满意吗?

韦神: 蛮满意的。 等另外一组比赛打完了,可能是第四、第五名(华闻君采访时小组赛还没有结束,昨天小组赛结束后,4AM名列第六,直接进入了总决赛),也会以前8名的成绩提前进入总决赛里面。

华闻TV: 比赛有输有赢,如果失利,团队会怎样调整自己?

韦神: 我们没打好的话,会在打完之后,做一个大概的总结。 回去时再去看复盘,再做一次认真彻底的总结。 不会去怀疑自己,还是很确信自己的打法是没有问题的。

华闻TV: 心态和战术上哪个更重要?

韦神: 心态(更重要一些),因为战术是之前做好的,心态决定我们把已想好的战术发挥出来。

华闻TV: 在这几天的比赛中,请评价一下队友或是其他中国战队的表现?

韦神: 我的队友发挥得都蛮不错的。 如果大家打不好的话,是拿不到这个成绩的。 其他队伍还是有点紧张。 17 Gaming打得不错,其他两个队可能有点紧张。 希望他们能趁早放开自己。 打出自己的正常状态。

华闻TV: 参加比赛是否可以让你们更强大?

韦神: (让自己)进步最快的方法就是不断地比赛。 这是我们(战队)第二场(世界级)比赛,联赛打得好就会进世界赛。 世界赛结束之后又会有个联赛,就会一个个循环,一年会循环三至四次比赛。

华闻TV: 你如何提高自己的技术水平?

韦神: 我打这个(游戏)只有两三年。 但我打职业很久了,就是靠自己不断地练习。 天赋是敲门砖。 达标了之后就会试训,他跟你一起打,你就会直接了解这人的水平如何。

华闻TV: 有了很多粉丝后,反而没法安心打比赛。 你是如何调整自己的心态的?

韦神: 这个靠自己(去调节),(我)其实(觉得)真的没什么变化。 我们也不去想这些东西,主要还是比赛,你出名是打比赛,不出名也是打比赛,没什么区别,只是支持(你)的人多和少而已。 你不可能因为支持你的人少,你就不打比赛,所以不会太影响。

华闻TV: 训练的时候总会有烦躁的时候,你如何排解?

韦神: 在集体训练中,如果我觉得很烦躁的话,我会继续打 ,打到我不烦为止。 我打游戏的烦恼来自于我打不过别人,我就打到打得过别人为止。

华闻TV: 遇到不配合的队员,团队怎么办?

韦神: 踢掉。

在网鱼网咖,华闻君还遇到了一位电竞爱好者。 华闻君问他,对中国战队在小组赛的战绩是否满意。

他回答华闻君说,他总体来说是满意的,特别是对4AM的成绩。 “他们这次已经进入到决赛圈了,这四支战队都有亮点,可以期待更多,希望他们这次比赛能够顺利"吃鸡",每个战队能够拿到一个理想的名次,把冠军带回中国”。

华闻君 几小时前把现场采访视频发布在 @华闻周刊 的新浪微博之后,一大波电竞迷们纷纷在下面留言,为韦神、4AM以及其他中国战队加油打气。

这四支中国战队,将会为我们带来怎样的惊喜呢? 让我们拭目以待吧!

(文 林卉卉 陈甲妮、采访 陈甲妮 、摄像/剪辑 冯依雯 、摄影 陈甲妮、部分图片来自受访者

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