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Market exchange rates in China******

BEIJING, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- The following are the central parity rates of the Chinese currency renminbi, or the yuan, against 24 major currencies announced on Monday by the China Foreign Exchange Trade System:

Currency Unit Central parity rate in yuan

U.S. dollar 100 639.24

Euro 100 744.21

Japanese yen 100 5.626

Hong Kong dollar 100 82.237

British pound 100 879.73

Australian dollar 100 477.28

New Zealand dollar 100 456.92

Singapore dollar 100 474.06

Swiss franc 100 697.56

Canadian dollar 100 516.71

Malaysian ringgit 64.954 100

Ruble 1,100.89 100

Rand 231.87 100

Korean won 18,421 100

UAE dirham 57.467 100

Saudi riyal 58.687 100

Hungarian forint 4,892.78 100

Polish zloty 61.77 100

Danish krone 99.97 100

Swedish krona 134.20 100

Norwegian krone 130.67 100

Turkish lira 152.536 100

Mexican peso 315.83 100

Thai baht 520.93 100

The central parity rate of the yuan against the U.S. dollar is based on a weighted average of prices offered by market makers before the opening of the interbank market each business day.

The central parity rate of the yuan against the Hong Kong dollar is based on the central parity rate of the yuan against the U.S. dollar and the exchange rate of the Hong Kong dollar against the U.S. dollar at 9 a.m. in international foreign exchange markets on the same business day.

The central parity rates of the yuan against the other 22 currencies are based on the average prices offered by market makers before the opening of the interbank foreign exchange market. Enditem

Japan to ban entry of new foreign arrivals to guard against Omicron variant******

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said on Monday that the government will ban the entry of all foreign nationals in principle from Tuesday amid concerns over the new Omicron variant of COVID-19.。

Kishida told local media that the decision was made to avoid the worst-case scenario, adding that "It is a temporary measure until information about the Omicron variant becomes clear."。

Japan has already suspended the exemption for people who have recently been to any of nine African countries including Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.。

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陕西省一海外归国工作人员隔离期满后确诊 咸阳市所住住宅小区封控管理方法******



  1日早晨,陕西省咸阳市网爆一份封控公示。该公示称,11月30日,中铁二十局咸阳市产业基地家属楼家居隔离工作人员取样結果呈阳性,决策对本小区推行军事化管理。从即日起,全部工作人员不可以进出小区,居民购置日常生活用品采用无触碰方法, 而且佩戴口罩,搞好安全防护,维持间距,降低互相污染。













CBA Roundup: Liaoning deals Zhejiang 1st loss, Ningbo remains winless******

ZHUJI, China, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- Guo Ailun shone with 35 points and the Liaoning Flying Leopards held off the Zhejiang Lions 112-100, inflicting the latter their first loss going into the 2021-22 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) season here on Sunday.。

After Zhejiang's loss, no side manages an intact winning record after seven rounds of action, as the defending champions, Guangdong Southern Tigers fell to the Zhejiang Golden Bulls 124-101 on Saturday.。

The newcomers Ningbo Rockets remain in search of their first victory of the season after losing to the Shanxi Loongs 110-85.。

Guo shot 14 of 26 from the floor, including 3 of 5 from deep, and dished out 12 assists. Veteran center Han Dejun also posted a double-double of 25 points and 14 boards.。

Sun Minghui was involved in all of Zhejiang's 19 points going into the match with 10 points and four assists, and Zhejiang led 23-19 as the first quarter ran out.。

Han scored Liaoning's seven points early in the second period. The trio of Zhao Yanhao, Sun and Hu Jinqiu pushed Zhejiang's lead to 13 points, but the undeterred Liaoning side responded with a 22-2 scoring spree over the next four minutes to take control. Han and Guo kept attacking the basket, and Liaoning outscored Zhejiang 38-23 in the 12-minute frame to go up 57-46 at halftime.。

Guo and Han continued to contribute on the scoreboard after the break, and this time another veteran Li Xiaoxu also stepped up to convert consecutive baskets. But with Han on the bench, Zhejiang mounted their comeback and whittled the deficit to 84-78 heading into the final period.。

Both Sun and Zhejiang head coach Wang Bo were called technical fouls for arguing for a defensive foul from Guo in one possession. Guo held firm to convert ensuing two free throws, and Liaoning pulled away to end Zhejiang's six-game winning streak.。

Liaoning head coach Yang Ming thought his players executed what had been laid out throughout the match, and the process reflected the team's defense.。

"The game has been in our hands since the second quarter," he said.。

Sun led Zhejiang scorers with 32 points and 11 assists while conceding 10 turnovers. Zhao and Hu pitched in 19 and 15 points respectively.。

"We played one and a half quarters of good basketball," commented Wang Bo. "But we met some trouble in responding to Liaoning's changes in their defensive tactics."

The game between Shanxi and Ningbo witnessed the absence of key post players from both sides, as Shanxi rested Ge Zhaobao and Ningbo was depleted of their leading scorer Zhang Biao.。

Shanxi still showed their edge in the paint, building a 33-23 margin after the first quarter and extending it to 63-44 at the intermission.。

Shanxi maintained their defensive intensity in the second half en route to a lop-sided win.。

Power forward Yan Pengfei notched 21 points on 8-for-10 shooting for Shanxi. Xing Zhiqiang helped with 17. On the Ningbo side, Ma Zhenxiang scored 21 points to lead the way.。

The Guangzhou Loong Lions edged the Jilin Northeast Tigers 95-94 in a game that ended in a dramatic way.。

Leading 94-93 with 8.5 seconds remaining, Jilin was awarded two free throws. Guangzhou head coach Guo Shiqiang thought that Jilin's Dai Huaibo should have been ruled traveling violation before the foul took place, and voiced his disagreement toward refereeing.。

The game was halted for over 10 minutes before resuming. Jilin's Cui Jinming missed two free throws, and Chen Yingjun made a driving layup with 1.8 seconds to play, helping Guangzhou escape with a win.。

Guangzhou's sophomore Zhu Mingzhen, who fouled out and gave Jilin free throws before the incident occurred, finished with a career-high 33 points.。

"Players kept their nerves on the court, and Chen executed well in the last possession," Guo said in relief.。

After losing the previous encounter between the two sides, the Shanghai Sharks exacted some revenge on the Beijing Ducks with a 105-86 victory.。

Jamaal Franklin paced Shanghai with 33 points, eight rebounds and nine assists. Wang Zhelin chipped in with 25 points and 16 rebounds.。

Beijing guard Jeremy Lin had to wait for his season debut despite having arrived at the competition site. Fan Ziming contributed a team-high 19 points.。

Also on Sunday, Askia Booker, Shen Zijie and He Xining each scored 18 points as the Shenzhen Aviators overpowered the Sichuan Blue Whales 126-107, and five players made double figures in the Qingdao Eagles' 91-86 win over the Jiangsu Dragons. Enditem。

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